For a patient, there is more to a medical practice than the doctor. The skills, training, and attitude

of the staff have a very important impact on a patient’s overall experience. Both Dr. Szymaski

and her staff are committed to helping patients receive excellent results and have a

wonderful experience at our facility. Many cosmetic surgical procedures can be

performed in our office, with a degree of privacy and confidentiality.

Brittany Fields, LPN


Brittany has been with

Boice- Willis Clinic since 2016 and works alongside

Dr. Szymanski every day in

the office.


Brittany graduated from Halifax Community College with her LPN in 2014 and is currently pursuing her RN with a graduation date of May, 2018.


  She takes great satisfaction in supporting patients throughout their in-office experience and can often be seen assisting Dr. Szymanski with local procedures.  The preoperative duties she fulfills daily promote safety and positive patient care for every procedure.  Brittany brings

a smile to every patients

face  and is very caring

and energetic.




Bryan Ferrell, RN


Bryan is Dr. Szymanski’s Primary Nurse. She provides one-on-one education and is present for Dr. Szymanski’s patients throughout their entire experience at

Boice-Willis Plastic Surgery.


Bryan graduated from Nash Community College in 2014 with her LPN and then continued on to receive her

RN in 2017. She is currently working on receiving her BSN at East Carolina University

and will graduate in December.


Bryan’s mission is to provide superior surgical care and deliver it with a

servant’s heart.






Meg Whittaker Lee,

Practice Coordinator


If you need information, Meg will be happy to help you!


You will see her at check-in

or check-out, or may speak with her over the phone.

Meg is your resource and

will help you find out what

you need to know to make

your trip to Boice-Willis

Clinic Plastic Surgery

a great experience.









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